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Random Thoughts of A Random Guy

Is Anyone Out There?

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Not Afraid

"I'm not afraid, to take a stand..." Eminem No matter your political orientation (Republican, Democrat, Independent, totally...

Letting Go

"Seek not that the things which happen should happen as you wish; but wish the things which happen to be as they are, and you will have a...

Anger Mis-management

These are angry days (and nights). Presidential politics--boiling anger; watching this country's pathetic response to COVID19...


I have been thinking a lot about polls that have consistently reflected that Americans trust Dr. Anthony Fauci, by a factor of 2-1, more...

Living Among Tigers and Saints

"I've been a Saints fan since they played in Tulane Stadium". "I've been a Tigers fan all my life." These statements are identity...

Life Got In Between

One of my favorite songs in the last several years is James Bays' "Hold Back the River". Fifty different listeners could give fifty...

You're Not the Boss, I'm the Boss

I have been wondering about this mysterious mask/no mask battle. Seriously, should it take a governmental mandate to get people to do...

Welp, this should be fun

If you are reading this, my first post, you are probably already debating whether you have made just one more poor choice. You may be...

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